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Akira Maxima WD

Akira Maxima WD


Machine Structure

Aluminium Profile 40*40

Reecommanded Bay Dimention

3.5*2*2.1 Meters + Loading Area 2 Meters

Water Pressure

30bar/435 Psi

Operating Air Pressure


Foam Pressure



5 HP/3.7 Kw

Washing System

PLC Automation

Water Consumption

60 lit/vehicle

Vehicle Counter


Speed Variation


Nozzle Movements

Up/down & Left/Right

Vehicle Selection Mode


No. Of .Nozzles (Water)

8 nos


3 nos


2 nos


3 nos

Nozzle Material

Stainless steel



Cycle Time / Vehicle

4 -5 min

Power Supply

3 Phase ,415 V/ 1 Phase ,220 V/ 50 Hz

Maximum Load in Amps


Power Consumption/ Vehicle

0.2 Unit/vehicle

Required Persons

1 no

No of Blowers

3 nos

No of Sensors

2 nos

Sensor Make

Imported Make Water Proof


The Two-Wheeler Automatic Water Wash machine is used for cleaning the Two-wheelers by spraying water at a high pressure automatically. It removes the dirt, grease, and oil matters from the vehicle outer surface and interior portions where we are not able clean it by manual. For this application, we are using high pressure jet spray nozzles fitted inside the booth with an angular movement. Thus it cleans all the portions of the vehicle when it is passing through the booth.

This machine is used to water service the Two-wheeler vehicle with less water consumption and in less time without harmful to operator. It also gives uniform cleaning. It helps to keep good working atmosphere.


  1. Cost reduction of 50% for 100 vehicles as manpower reduced from 6 to 3 for a service inflow of 50-100 vehicles
  2. Washing time reduction of 60% as compared to manual wash
  3. Consistent washing quality and output. (Fatigue affects during manual washing)
  4. Improves morale and health of operator
  5. Reduction in manpower attrition rate
  6. Estimated 40% reduction in power consumption
  7. Space saving